Chakapata Ecolodge, «à la française» en el Vallee de la Colca

Chakapata Ecolodge Yanque Colca Peru

[Peru] Skander and Émilie are a young french couple who engaged in a great adventure in the village of Yanque, in the middle of the beautiful Colca Valley, at the entrance of this famous Canyon well known for the observation of condors. Chakapata Ecolodge was built with the help of many volunteers (mainly through website) and using natural material and ancestral techniques. Discover below the secrets of adobe walls, straw roofs and inca irrigation system!

 Videos –

Florie avec Skander Et Emilie Chakapata Ecolodge Yanque Colca Perou

  • HopSolution : Inca Irrigation System

  • HopSolution : Straw Roofs

  • HopSolution : Adobe Walls