Day 430 : If I tell you Nasca, Cusco, Colca, Titicaca?

If I tell you Nasca, Cusco, Colca, Titicaca? Your answer would be… South of Peru of course!

My friend Justine joined me for an incredible and magical part of the trip. I love Peru, its landscapes, its ruins, its llamas, its people, the quechua language! We had the chance to visit Machu Picchu together (such an adventure to get there avoiding taking the very tourist and expensive train…), and then being welcomed by great projects, such as a 5 days lodge to lodge trekking on high andean lands (up to 5150m high around the Ausangate glacier, truly incredible! cf: ).

And then Justine went back to France, and I spent a few days with Walther and its association of community-based rural tourism on the Titicaca lake, great encounters on a very «fresh» scenery (again more than 3800m high) but above all an idyllic scenery from island to island… difficult to leave the place!
But I did not stay alone very long as my french friend Elsa (that I met in Ecuador) joined me in order to travel together for a month through Bolivia and North of Chile. We just had our first HopTrip on the Titicaca lake, but this time on the bolivian side then.