Inti Wasi Lodge & ASTURS, para un Turismo Rural Solidario

Inti Wasi Lodge Lac Titicaca Perou

[Peru] I finish my HopTour of Peru with a very beautiful encounter staying with Walther and its family (Inti Wasi Lodge) on the Titicaca Lake’s edge. Walther is the President of a rural tourism network of community-based associations (ASTURS) and organized for a me an amazing program through Capachica peninsula, and the Amantani & Taquile islands. Discover below the lodge, the association and their community microcredit program!

Videos –

  • HopHost : Inti Wasi Lodge, Chifron, Titicaca Lake
    with Walther, Mariela and baby Inti

  • HopHost : ASTURS, Rural Community-Based Tourisme on Titicaca Lake

  • HopSolution : Microcredits Program