Questions about my HopTour in Latin America

I have been traveling during two years through Latin America swapping my marketing skills in exchange for room and food. I wrote an article on Hopineo with my feedback and some tips for travelers who would like to live an experience alike : “A HopTour, how does it work ?”  However, I do receive from time to time further questions from travelers, I will try to answer them below :

“How did you manage to find a balance between work and travel ?”

Well, this was not an easy one, but as I had no return ticket and was traveling for an indefinite period, this might have helped. Also, I was traveling on my own, and I was taking advantage of each moment that I was spending alone to work on writing my articles, making videos, sending emails, etc… I was even working on my computer in the bus, trying to take advantage of each “empty” moment. I was also making “breaks” in hostels and at houses of friends between two HopTrips to catch up with some work. I was not on holidays during these two years. In fact I was working almost 5 days a week. It was more like I was a digital nomad (even though I did not make money from it). But as I was passionate about the work that I was doing, and as I was feeling that I was learning a lot and knew that being back in France it will be valued (I work today freelance offering my marketing skills), this gave me the energy to go ahead. I really saw the experience as a two-year-training professional springboard for the future. Also, I was working hard, but my hosts were the first to tell me at one point : “Florie you are working too much, give up the computer and go exploring, relax a bit!”. And then, after working hard and gainning their confidence, I had amazing experiences with my hosts (hotels’ owners, employees…) and this was very rewarding.