Tuki Llajta Lodge, escapada limeña y artesana local


[Peru] After the publication of an article on Hotel Perú News blog presenting my HopTour of Peru, the team of Tuki Llajta Lodge invited me to visit them. The lodge is located «right next» to Lima… which means at one night of bus (a trip of 7h). I escaped then Lima for a two-days-stay at Huancayo in order to give an express marketing course to José, the son of the family who just joined his parents to help with the management of the lodge.

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Avec la famille de Jose - Tuki Llajta Lodge Huancayo Perou

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Florie & Señor Medina - Matés Burilados Perou

maté burilado perou 2

señor medina peru

Doña Medina Maté Burilado Perou

Florie coloquintes

Familia Medina Mate Burilado Peru

village near huancayo peru

Ceramica Huancayo Peru

Ceramica Huancayo Peru 2

Ceramica Huancayo Peru señor modesto

Chambre Tuki Llajta Huancayo Perou

Restaurant Tuki Llajta Huancayo Perou