Sol & Luna Lodge, un hotel lujoso y comprometido en el valle sagrado

Sol y Luna Lodge Urubamba Cusco Peru

[Peru] My french friend Justine joined me for two little weeks together… and not in «any kind» of hotel: when she arrived, I was indeed hosted at a «virtuoso» 5 star-hotel in Urubamba (in the sacred valley, next to Cusco). Sol y Luna is a luxury lodge, but also a sweet educational project: an intercultural primary school and high-school, about which I made a mini-documental. And between two gourmet breakfasts, we also went for the visit of the impressive Maras salines and the inca ruins of Moray. We love Peru!

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avec clementine et carmena a Sol y Luna Lodge

  • HopSolution : Intercultural School


avec justine a sol y luna

Sol y Luna Lodge - Restaurant

piscine sol y luna lodge

niñas escuela sol y luna

colegio sol y luna

salineras (vers urubamba, vallée sacrée, perou)

Campos y montañas por Moray Peru

Overeja Morayvaca haciendo la siesta

Lineas de Moray

sur le marché - les patates

sur le marché - stand viandes

urubamba by night

Abuelita MaraAbuelita Maras Perus