Day 565 : From Buenos Aires to Brazil


First of all, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

After a long (but still short) stay of one month in Buenos Aires, Argentine’s capital, I am taking the road again tonight. This last month was punctuated by plenty of emotionally-rich events:

  • working with the Hopineo team on a new version of our website… which is officially online from today:! This is a great Christmas gift, special thanks to the UmaniT team who made our sharing tool possible: a collaborative platform for responsible tourism is now existing, more than ever: Hopineooooo!
  • presenting a class module online on video blogging with the collaboration of TIES (reading the article, download the presentation)
  • catching up with my longtime friends, from Barcelona and New Zealand: a huge thank you to Julie et Santi who let me stay under their roof during this time, invited me in their family for Christmas, and also a big thank you to my friend Gabi for the great 31st of December night shared with her family around a barbecue on her apartment rooftop.
  • meeting new friends: Romina (helping with the translation of Hopineo articles for several months), Susana (and her blog Viajero Responsable), Hervé (and his MATER Sustainable experiences agency), Geneviève and Gabi (from Urban Biking, where I had the opportuning to go biking and kayaking), Carlos (from TWAM), Morgane & Aude (who work in the same travel agency than Julie), Lionel & Lena (who allow my old jeans to go for another tour of South America), Yamit (who allowed me to reconnect with the flavors of patacones, juices and Colombian coffee).
  • living like a porteña (Buenos Aires inhabitant) in the Palermo neighborhood, visiting the Kirchner cultural center, walking around San Telmo, Boca, “France” place, along the port, the “flower” parc, “bosque de Palermo”, the botanical garden, eating plenty of dulce de leche icecream, having dinner at the Pulperia Quilapan…

The journey is going on in the north of Argentine (including Iguazu falls), then a small stay in Paraguay before going to Brazil… você fala português?

Article translated by Jennifer Tram

Generating social link through a restaurant / bar / grocery / social club
with Pulperia Quilapan

Meet Hervé from
MATER receptive agency