Create and administrate your own website autonomously...

Florie can assist you with leading the different steps of creation and development.

1. Start

  • Assistance in the purchase of your domain name and hosting solution (around 50€/year)
  • Installation of WordPress and training to its basic functionalities
  • Choice of a template (design) and structure of your website main menu

Your website in online!

(2 or 3 workdays)

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2. Develop

  • Assistance in adding your website content: texts, images, videos.

Your website is ready!

( 2 to 5 workdays )

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3. Polish

  • Analysis of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creating a blog within the website for generating relevant content.
  • Translation into other languages (French, Spanish, German ...)

Your website appears on Google!

( 2 to 5 workdays )

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With WordPress you can choose a website template which is already ready, download it and personalize it.
Some of them are for free: WordPress official templates for example,
other ones are premium, you'll have to pay to use them: TemplateMonster, ThemeForest...

Find below a few websites whose Florie accompanied the creation: