Day 365 = 1 year, Andes, Pacific, Andes


Dear friends, it has been already 3 weeks since my last newsletter!! Time continues to fly so quickly!! But I can imagine that for you as well, even more since summer arrived in the north hemisphere (in fact a bit too much in Europe as I heard?). Time for barbecues and “rosé” wine is back in France…. Haaaaa, I’d love to teleport me for a great night with you my friend!

Well, although I do start to think a bit to my return to France (christimas or not christmas, this is the question !), my adventures on the other side of the Atlantic continue 😉 These last weeks were again well filled in with many encounters (in particular with French-speaking people!) and discovers, in my top 5: jumps of humpback whales, a crater-lake at 4000m high, blue-footed boobies, magnificent frigates and a crazy magnificent jump of Florie at 100m high!

And also, did you know that I’ve been traveling for year now? Remember, I have been starting this trip on the 1st of July 2014 from Mexico!! And in order to celebrate that and my involvement more than ever by Justine and Mahery sides and with the Hopineo project for a better tourism, my “Hospitality Tour” becomes now a “HopTour”, a name change for more coherence and cohesion… and soon in September, we’ll have some great news to announce… with the launch of a new platform to allow everybody to travel swapping his skills in hotels and sharing good practices for a responsible tourism as I am doing!

Photos & Videos of these last days on my blog:

And guess where I am writing you from?! from my first stop-over in…Peru!
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