Course : Global Issues & Solutions for a Sustainable Tourism

Graduated in 2010 from La Rochelle School of Tourism & Hospitality, I always stayed in touch with the school. Being back from my two years HopTour through Latin America, they offered me to develop and conduct a 24h-lecture in english about sustainable tourism for a class of Master’s students. Challenge accepted !

Faithful to the Hopineo spirit, I decided to make my presentations public so they can be useful to as much people as possible, particularly to other professors. I’m convinced that it is through promoting collective intelligence (even more for subjects linked to sustainable development) that we will be able to move forward, always further, all together, towards the co-construction of a better world.

This lecture is the result of my experience, encounters, readings and willingness to share knowledge. If you find it useful, would like to share some ideas to make it better or simply some personal insights, please feel free to reach me !

Part 1 : Global Threats & Opportunities

Part 2 : Good Practices in the Industry