Colibri Camping & Ecolodge, volunteering program next to La Paz

Colibri Camping & Ecolodge - La Paz Bolivia

[Bolivia] Half an hour from La Paz city center, we met Emma & Rolando. This anglo-bolivian couple developped during these last twenty years a great volunteering project in order to support seven different initiatives of social responsability and local development within their district (Jupapina and Mallasa): Up Close Bolivia. They also converted their lunar-scenery-garden into a camping & ecolodge area, welcome to Colibri!

 Videos –

  • HopHost : Colibri Camping & Ecolodge, near to La Paz, with Rolando & Emma

Con Rolando y Emma Colibri Camping Ecolodge

  • HopSolution : Volunteering Program – Part 1. Vision & Implementation

  • HopSolution : Volunteering Program – Part 2. Supported Projects