Andean Lodges, Community-Based Trekking around Ausangate Glacier

Andean Lodges Ausangate Peru

[Peru] It’s thanks to my friend Antoine (Transhumancias-Voyages) that I meet Roger and its nephew Juan Carlos of Andean Lodges. We have the great chance, with my friend Justine, to be invited for a 5 days / 4 nights trekking aroung the Ausangate glacier in the middle of the peruvian Andes at about 100km east of Cusco (cf: trek profile & program description). It’s in fact quite a luxury trek as we hike from one confortable lodge to another accompanied by members of local quechua communities (who are also shareholders of Andean Lodges and take part to the main strategic decisions of the company), horses and llamas to carry food and equipment. Share a bit of this amazing adventure with us through the below videos!

 Videos –

  • HopHost : Andean Lodges, Ausangate Trekking (Office at Cusco) with Roger & Juan Carlos

  • HopHost : Andean Lodges, with the trekking team: Gregorio, Nelly, Paulino, Hernan and Nicolas from Chilca and Osefina communities

Florie avec équipe Andean Lodges

  • HopSolution : Community-Based Lodge to Lodge Trekking